Medical Derma Group and specialized competences of Dr. Guido Zanzi

Dott. Guido Zanzi Dermo Chirurgo EsteticoMedical Derma Group is characterized through a fusion and a precise coordination between the figure of aesthetic doctor, dermatologist, cosmetologist and of plastic surgeon and their specific competences. The detail of services covers mainly four large families: dermatology, cosmetology, surgery and aesthetic medicine. Thanks to use of laser technologies of last generation, our surgical services include the treatment of the following pathologies:teleangectasies, angiomas, skin spots, nevus, dermal fibroids, cyst, granulomas, tatoos, surgiacal scar results, warts, keratosis. In aesthetic medicine our offered services are: the use of fillers (Hyaluronic acid-based) as filling of wrinkles and furrows and remodeling of the face volume. The skin revitalization and the biorevitalization (Mesotherapy) the use of botulinum toxin, the cellulite treatment and chemical peelings. In recent years much has been done in aesthetic medicine to protect the skin from photo-aging (external factor) but the purpose of Medical Derma Group is to retard the chrono-aging, acting directly on the natural slowdown of vital functions of the skin that, the latest discoveries in medical and scientific field allow to reach. The dermocosmetics of Emergency Skin® line, point to moisturizing, antioxidant active principles, high technologiacal able to repair the damages structures of the skin.

Dott. Guido Zanzi

Dermo Chirurgo Estetico

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