La pelle

Fibroblasts, elastic fibers and collagen form the skin tissue of the dermis.

It is a tissue composed mainly by fibroblasts, collagen fibers and elastic fibers, essential substances inside which are contained blood and lymphatic vessels. Formed by cells and a dense network of fibers immersed in a dense hydrophilic gel, it is a very resistant tissue and it is able to support and provide for nourishment to the epidermis. The fibroblasts are the main cells of the dermis and appear as flattened and elongated cells. Other types of cells present in the dermis are the mast cells, which are located primarily in the papillary dermis and lymphocytes, located around blood vessels,for immune function. The collagen is a protein made from amino acids produced by fibroblasts: the main function of the collagen fibers is that to support the whole structure of the skin allowing its extension. The elastic fibers are produced by fibroblasts and are formed by two distinct components: elastin and micro tubolar fibrils which give to the skin the essential elasticity for all movements, having the characteristic to be able to stretch and recover the original dimensions, guaranteeing so tone and hydration to the skin. Non-fibrous fundamental substance of the dermis is the extracellular matrix, the spaces between the fibers of connective tissue skin are filled by an amorphous substance. The essential components of this substance are mainly mucopolysaccharides andglycosaminoglycans, complex sugars that can bind large quantities of water forming a gluey and gelatinous substance that fills the intercellular spaces by giving fullness and turgor to the skin.

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