Evolution of research and products in the dermocosmetic field.

Innovazione e ricerca The constant evolution of research in the dermocosmetic sector represents the source from which Mediacal Derma Group ensures the continuous innovation ofEmergency Skin® line. All staff engaged in the formulation of Emergency Skin® products is constantly engaged in updating courses and seminars on the latest discoveries of medical and scientific research to ensure advanced products, with one high degree of excellence and efficacy. The used ingredients, able to answer to new and increasing expectations, are finalized to improve three fundamental appearances of product: security, quality and efficacy. The dermocosmetics of Emergency Skin® line are the result of one continuous scientific research and of very accurate controls: the guarantee of quality and security of our products are indeed maked stability tests and patch tests. Moreover, all our products, are dermatologically tested to ensure one high degree of tolerability. The used active ingredients are of the best quality existing on the market, with appropriate structural profiles and perfect levels of concentration to ensure the best results in terms of efficacy. The constant promise of Medical Derma Group is to ensure the highest quality of its products, particurarly significant in view of increased sense of markets and customers. Quality and security oblige that the production of the line is maked without use of dyes, parabens, fragrances, silicones or petroleum. The products are not tested on animals.

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