Medical Derma Group, Italian Company, finalized at international research and at the results development.

Medical Derma Group is a fully Italian Company and is founded with the purpose to give concrete and affective answers to the problems related to skin and beauty. The search for beauty, inherent in human nature, not only satisfies the natural human vanity, but makes you feel better, to accept yourselves and be accepted by others, and therefore to live in greater harmony with the outside world. Among the sectors related to aesthetics, those of cosmetology, dermatology and surgery and aesthetic medicine are certainly the most interesting and rising in terms of evolution and concreteness of results. In this context, Medical Derma Group, with the Emergency Skin® line, has combined the best of active ingredients derived from scientific, cosmetic and medical-dermatology research to the professionalism of medical laboratories and pharmaceutical Companies advanced, obtaining innovative and effective products, created under the expert and careful scientific supervision of a medical and scientific team. The use of innovative products, to very high technological content, dermocompatible and with active ingredients developed of scientifically demonstrated effectiveness, together with high standard of offered services, is the factor that will allow to aesthetics operators, perfumeries, beauty salons, SPA, and pharmacies to strengthen and consolidate in the future their own positions in the beauty industry. Medical Derma Group, provides for beauty operators, in addition to their products of Emergency Skin® line, its know-how, the ethics, the communication, the passion and enthusiasm to guarantee visible and lasting results to their customers.

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